The Birth of Cigarettes

My history with RAW cannot be told without first telling a little of the history of the creation of the first cigarette paper long ago, at the time of the voyages of Christopher Columbus It all began when Columbus returned from one of his voyages to the “new world” (Cuba), with something new – cigars. These cigars, however, weren’t like the cigars we have today. They were loosely rolled in multiple layers of either palm or tobacco leaves and tied with an adjustable string. Since the Spanish aristocrats were always especially interested in anything exotic and foreign, they immediately took to smoking these coveted cigars. However, because they had to be transported across the Atlantic in ancient wooden ships, these cigars were incredibly expensive and difficult to get which made them available only to the rich. The only way the Spanish peasants could manage to get their hands on some of this rare and valuable tobacco was to collect the leftover butts discarded to the ground by the aristocrats. They would untie the cigar butt, re-roll it in used newspaper, and smoke it. Even these paper cigars were very valuable. The Spanish peasants would inhale the smoke and hold it in their lungs as long as possible in order to get the most out of every puff. And that is how cigarettes were born.


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